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"not only presents novel scientific arguments against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis,
  he also uses his experience in science studies to provide a compelling response
  to the frequent semi-rhetorical question, "How could so many scientists be so wrong?"
C&RL News   (College & Research Libraries News)  68 #6, June 2007
  "a credible critique of the paradigm that AIDS is caused solely by the HIV retrovirus . . .
  a solid array of data . . . the frequency of positive HIV tests is largely inconsistent
  with the pattern of an infectious agent . . .
  racial disparities in HIV test results that are difficult to explain by behavior"
Quadrant (Australia)  July/August 2007, pp. 125-6: Sev Sternhell, "HIV/AIDS and Beyond" (684KB jpg)
  "a measured, heavily referenced work bristling with tables, maps, graphs and
   correlations all derived from data emanating from impeccable and
           publicly available sources . . .  hundreds of research reports and literally
           tens of millions of tests . . .  correlations of the frequencies of HIV-positive results
           with time, age, gender, geographical distribution, ethnicity and the incidence of AIDS . . .
           if you want to understand the HIV/AIDS story, read this . . ."
International Journal of STD & AIDS 18: 645-646, September 2007
  John J Potterat "Attractive theory is not enough"; joint review including
                        The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight against AIDS by Helen Epstein
                                The AIDS Pandemic: The Collision of Epidemiology with Political Correctness by James Chin
        "can be used as a mirror for some of the major failings of HIV epidemiology
        during the first quarter century of its existence . . . HIV/ AIDS researchers and
        health workers . . . should take a hard look at the weak quality of evidence
        supporting the views  of  HIV  propagation  appearing  in  their  pages . . .
        richly documented . . .
        asking good questions and . . . detailing how ‘competent and qualified people
        who questioned the orthodoxy have  been  largely  excluded from  the  leading  journals’ . . .
        and, consequently, the media . . .
        Readers  should  ask the HIV/AIDS establishment, especially the health agencies
        entrusted  with  monitoring  and  intervening  in  HIV  epidemics, why they have settled
        for evidence from a lesser god when the stakes for getting the picture right are so high.
        Bauer,  Epstein  and  Chin  ought  to  be  thanked  for providing us with such a
        (regretfully unflattering) mirror. Our task ought to be to recognize the serious
        weaknesses in the available evidence and to insist on rigorous studies that can
        supply the strong, direct evidence needed for epidemiologic validity"

        ignore[s] contrary evidence . . . selectively interprets the observations of others.

        Author's clarification (similar letter published in International Journal of STD & AIDS):
As the book says, “I have not omitted any contradictory data” about HIV-test
        results. The review no doubt means that I ignore evidence from other aspects than HIV-test results
        because my conclusions are based on “ecologic evidence and inferential reasoning”, i.e., epidemiology.
        Therefore I ignore, for example, the claimed efficacy of antiretroviral treatment which is commonly offered
        as evidence that HIV causes AIDS.
              I interpret selectively the observations of others as a matter of pertinence. I cite Gisselquist et al.
       as finding no difference between the sexual behavior of Africans and of others, and I cite their
       interpretation that the AIDS pandemic in Africa cannot be explained on the basis of sexual transmission,
       because those are directly relevant to my argument; I neglect the suggestion that unhygienic medical
       injections could be a major responsible factor because to discuss that would involve a lengthy digression
       explaining why I disagree, given my conclusion that HIV is not infectious.

SciTech Book News  September 2007, p.1
"many corrections . . . to conventional wisdom on HIV/AIDS, compiling research from diverse
sources . . . discusses the correlation between HIV and race . . . posits that a research
monopoly has resulted in widespread misconceptions--among which is the unproven fact that
HIV leads to AIDS. Material may be of interest to undergraduates and above interested in policy
and theory issues in HIV/AIDS research."

Public Choice  Online First (published online 9 October 2007; reviewed by William F. Shughart II
   DOI 10.1007/s11127-007-9233-2
"This is an important book. . . . systematically demolishes the theory—more correctly the
hypothesis or conjecture—that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes acquired
immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). . . . Skillfully collating, summarizing and analyzing an
extensive literature, including hundreds of scientific studies . . . , reports produced by
government agencies and non-government organizations, and statements issued by
public-health experts, Bauer methodically undermines every argument  and stylized fact
ostensibly linking AIDS to HIV. . .
a masterful attack on scientific orthodoxy. It is eye-opening and worthy of the attention
of a broader audience than, I fear, it will reach."

Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeonsreviewed by Joel M. Kauffman

         "Dr. Bauer’s civility of tone is remarkable. . . . [his] conclusions are backed up by
         about 450 references, about 100 to primary medical journals. . . .
         I recommend the book very highly."; reviewed by John Kirkham
        "... groundbreaking book. . . . goes on to highlight the innate racism of HIV/AIDS . . . .
         this book brings to our attention what the data unequivocally show:
         that HIV prevalence is alien to what would accord with a sexually acquired condition
         and therefore HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS."

"hard evidence . . . . no-holds-barred book"

Good Reads
  "This book is the 800 pound gorilla of the anti HIV-->AIDS movement.
    The book the mainstream HIV view must answer
    or lose any semblance of credibility".
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