This book collates and analyzes, for the first time,
the results of more than two decades of HIV testing,
revealing that common assumptions about HIV and AIDS
are incompatible with the published data.

HIV is neither sexually transmitted nor increasingly prevalent.
HIV and AIDS are not correlated geographically.
HIV and AIDS are not correlated chronologically.
HIV and AIDS are not correlated in their relative impact on
women and men.
Nor are HIV and AIDS correlated in their relative impact on
white and black people.

But how could everyone have been so wrong for so long?
This central question,has not been addressed in previous works questioning the HIV-AIDS connection.
This book offers two answers:
The general answer lies in the history of science: Science has always progressed by discarding previously held beliefs. Examples of earlier and similar mistakes in medical science
include ulcers, kuru, and gene therapy.
The specific answer lies in several early decisions,
most seriously how AIDS victims were (mis)classified
when AIDS was first identified as a new phenomenon.
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David Crowe, president, Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society:
"[A]n excellent summary of statistical anomalies in HIV/AIDS in the United States."
John Lauritsen, author of The AIDS Cult, The AIDS War and Poison by Prescription
"This is an excellent book. Thorough, readable, scholarly.
  I consider it easily one of the ten best AIDS dissident books."
The  whole  world "knows" that HIV causes AIDS.
But is that compatible with the facts?
For a very brief overview of some of the main points in the book, see the transcript of my seminar
at the Edward Via Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, 12 September 2007
Errata: corrections for errors  in the book
All reported data about  HIV tests can be explained by what the book's analysis shows:
1. A positive HIV-test is a HIGHLY NON-SPECIFIC physiological response.

2. The probability of such a response, to any given stimulus,
    depends in a PREDICTABLE way on age, sex, and racial ancestry.
Research published since this book was written confirms the validity of the book's findings.
For continuing comments, see my blog at       

It comments on reports that illustrate the absurdities of the orthodox view, for example that
in many parts of the world, it is married women who are at greatest risk of becoming HIV-positive;
and why a quarter century of effort has seen no progress toward a vaccine to prevent infection.
A posting on 19 March reports data on deaths from "HIV disease" which show that
antiretroviral treatment has not prolonged life
and that comparison with data on becoming HIV-positive shows that
the "latent period" postulated by HIV/AIDS theory does not exist.
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